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Syncing Video Interview series

Syncing Video Interview Series 1 – Interview with LiveNinja CEO- Will Weinraub

Syncing Video Interview Series are what I created for a digital column in SyncMocha,  a new media site in Taiwan dedicated to technology, marketing, and digital innovation worldwide. In this video series, I invited these digital entrepreneurs and marketing thought leaders to share their experience, stories, and insights that help them to move forward in this ever-changing digital world.

In this episode, I had the pleasure talking to the CEO of LiveNinja– Will Weinraub. Will is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur with great vision to share with the world. In this interview, Will talked about what is LiveNinja, why he co-founded it and his most important suggestions to young entrepreneurs. I personally have enjoyed this conversation very much, hope you feel the same way as well!

LiveNinja is a video chat marketplace that connects you with highly skilled experts from around the world. LiveNinja also allows anyone to sign up as an expert that can charge a specific rate for their knowledge. Do you have a talent or skill? How about vast knowledge on a particular subject? Whatever it may be, LiveNinja provides the platform to share with the world!

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Cool social media campaign videos

I think this as an advanced version of QR code campaign, instead of using QR code, they use traffic signs and integrate games elements into their app, brilliant idea!

The coolest Twitter campaign integrated with real- world Scavenger hunt to drive the word-of -mouth effect. I’m just curious about how they safely hid those tickets…..

What I learned today?

Marketing Webinars Summary

One of my hobbies is to attend free webinars, for if it’s good, you got pretty condensed content from someone who has years of experience within 1 to 1.5 hrs. If it’s bad, that one hour is all you have to lose.  And it would be such a waste if I simply let those valuable content fly by me, so I decide to keep and share  some of the important lessons that I learned in these seminars here.(will be kept updating)

1. Derek from social trigger and Laura Roeder co-hosted a webinar to introduce Laura’s signature program Creating Fame.  Although the webinar was obviously promotional, Laura still provided some pretty good content, simple and to the point.

Why do you want to create fame  and make yourself and your business famous?

  • Being known and getting fame can get your business going exponentially. Fame is all-encompassing and most importantly, fame bring trust at the early stage, and trust bring you business. The best part about fame is that you don’t have to chase new clients around, clients will come to you because they feel that they’ve known you for a long time.

Steps to build fame:

  • Step One: Presence
    Building a unique presence first and make yourself stand out. Stay true and combine your personality.
  • Step Two: Content
    1. Always provide valuable content.  Remember to start by focusing be known for one thing and gradually expand it to other types of content/channels.
    2. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
  • Step Three

1. Keep nurturing your existing community  but also don’t forget to reach out to new people regularly

Here is the link that she talked about this program and more

Marketing Trend

How To Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly | CIK Marketing

Everyone is talking about mobile,  the future trend of marketing for its ever increasing rate of adoption when there will be soon without non-smart phones.
But even it’s bold to say, compared to smart phones, tablets obviously offer more potential opportunities for business and marketers to maximize customer’s experience.
The interface of tablet is simply easier to use, browse, and zoom in product details when necessary.

So even it is not now, sooner or later, all websites should be tablet friendly in order not to lose significant amount of potential customers.
Here is a really good blog post from CIK marketing giving you five tips on developing a tablet-friendly website.

How To Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly | CIK Marketing.

Avoid Flash

Flash portal, an animated graphic that has been created by Adobe Flash technology, does not work on a tablet. Companies should be aware if their home page features flash portal; it will not work on tablets such as the iPad. Androids do support Flash, but the performance is very poor, so it is best if companies avoid Flash altogether. Options to substitute for Flash include HTML5 and JavaScript which both feature the same effects as Flash.

Avoid Drop-Down Menus

It is best to avoid drop-down menus on your website if you can. If you would like to keep your drop-down menus, ensure that there are visual cues (for example arrows) that show tablet users that the menu can be opened further and expanded. Instead of using drop-down menus, companies may want to consider creating a showcase page for the different sections of the site so that tablet users can easily navigate around the site and find all the available subpages.

Touch Interaction Versus Mouse Interaction

Due to the fact that tablet users are not clicking or scrolling a mouse, it is important that companies design buttons which are the size of a fingertip instead of cursor so that tablet users are able to travel around your website more efficiently. Users may become quickly frustrated if the links are placed too tightly together, so it is important that companies realize that the clicking and scrolling of a mouse is replaced by touching and swiping gestures on a tablet.

Colours, Textures and Typography

The format of colour and textures can have a significant impact on tablets. The use of bright background colours and patterns are effective as they will reduce the appearance of glares and smudges on an iPad or Blackberry Playbook.  It is best to avoid the use of solid blacks, as it will be incredible distracting for tablet users. The font of your website must also be taken into consideration, as it cannot be too small or too big for tablet users. Finding an ideal balance of font size, line spacing, line length, background colours, and patterns will create a favourable webpage for tablet users, regardless of their chosen model.

Design Your Forms Accordingly

A lot of company websites require users to fill out some kind of form, sometimes as part of an email subscription, or when their submitting a request for more information. For this reason, it is important that companies look over their forms, and ensure that all of the fields are clearly indicated and easily accessible to tablet users. Make sure that your forms don’t have too many fields, as tablet users may get easily frustrated filing out a long form.

Social Media Marketing

The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics and Warnings This Week | Social Media Today

Social Networking is all about connections and building relationships, Twitter is no exception! It is not so difficult to be a human being, right? (maybe a compassionate one?)

If you just want to talk without interacting and listening, in the end,  you’ll be just talking to yourself. I like some short simple Twitter tips mentioned in this article.

The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics and Warnings This Week | Social Media Today.

► Five Keys To Getting More Followers And Keeping Them Happy

  1. Find your tweet frequency
  2. Don’t be too angry, too often
  3. Be funny!
  4. Let people know who you are
  5. Interact with people

► 8 Secrets To Use Twitter For SEO From @RandFish

  1. How Serendipitous Connections Can Help You Build SEO from Twitter
  2. Create A “Top X List” To Build Links With Twitter
  3. How To Build Twitter SEO by Helping Others
  4. Become a Story Teller To Build Links With Twitter
  5. Suggest Links To Others On Twitter For SEO
  6. Produce Content To Answer Every Day Queries For Better Twitter SEO
  7. Offer A Powerful Testimonial To Create SEO With Twitter
  8. Create Biz Dev Deals With Other Small Business To Get Links Via Twitter

5 Ways To Battle Social Media Fatigue

  1. Stop Tweeting and Start Communicating
  2. Draw Inspiration from People You Respect
  3. Deviate from the Standard
  4. Persevere
  5. Take a Break!

► 3 Kinds of Twitter Fools And The Mistakes They Make

Each of these three kinds of fools makes 5 different kinds of mistakes:

  1. Never learned the Twitter basics.
  2. Doesn’t try to be a real person on Twitter.
  3. Is always using tricks to promote themseves.