Syncing Video Interview series

Syncing Video Interview Series 1 – Interview with LiveNinja CEO- Will Weinraub

Syncing Video Interview Series are what I created for a digital column in SyncMocha,  a new media site in Taiwan dedicated to technology, marketing, and digital innovation worldwide. In this video series, I invited these digital entrepreneurs and marketing thought leaders to share their experience, stories, and insights that help them to move forward in this ever-changing digital world.

In this episode, I had the pleasure talking to the CEO of LiveNinja– Will Weinraub. Will is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur with great vision to share with the world. In this interview, Will talked about what is LiveNinja, why he co-founded it and his most important suggestions to young entrepreneurs. I personally have enjoyed this conversation very much, hope you feel the same way as well!

LiveNinja is a video chat marketplace that connects you with highly skilled experts from around the world. LiveNinja also allows anyone to sign up as an expert that can charge a specific rate for their knowledge. Do you have a talent or skill? How about vast knowledge on a particular subject? Whatever it may be, LiveNinja provides the platform to share with the world!


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