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The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics and Warnings This Week | Social Media Today

Social Networking is all about connections and building relationships, Twitter is no exception! It is not so difficult to be a human being, right? (maybe a compassionate one?)

If you just want to talk without interacting and listening, in the end,  you’ll be just talking to yourself. I like some short simple Twitter tips mentioned in this article.

The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics and Warnings This Week | Social Media Today.

► Five Keys To Getting More Followers And Keeping Them Happy

  1. Find your tweet frequency
  2. Don’t be too angry, too often
  3. Be funny!
  4. Let people know who you are
  5. Interact with people

► 8 Secrets To Use Twitter For SEO From @RandFish

  1. How Serendipitous Connections Can Help You Build SEO from Twitter
  2. Create A “Top X List” To Build Links With Twitter
  3. How To Build Twitter SEO by Helping Others
  4. Become a Story Teller To Build Links With Twitter
  5. Suggest Links To Others On Twitter For SEO
  6. Produce Content To Answer Every Day Queries For Better Twitter SEO
  7. Offer A Powerful Testimonial To Create SEO With Twitter
  8. Create Biz Dev Deals With Other Small Business To Get Links Via Twitter

5 Ways To Battle Social Media Fatigue

  1. Stop Tweeting and Start Communicating
  2. Draw Inspiration from People You Respect
  3. Deviate from the Standard
  4. Persevere
  5. Take a Break!

► 3 Kinds of Twitter Fools And The Mistakes They Make

Each of these three kinds of fools makes 5 different kinds of mistakes:

  1. Never learned the Twitter basics.
  2. Doesn’t try to be a real person on Twitter.
  3. Is always using tricks to promote themseves.
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How Musicians Are Engaging Fans With Location Tech-Mashable

The original article link: How Musicians Are Engaging Fans With Location Tech.

Among examples mentioned in this article,

I just have to recommend the app/album created by D.C.-based band Bluebrain


Here is the intro of this project:

Bluebrain’s The National Mall is the first in a series of “location-aware” musical compositions designed to be heard at specific sights around the world. The National Mall discards the passive listening experience and instead invites listeners to engage with their environment. The music changes and evolves based on the user’s location within the National Mall in Washington, DC.

If you live in D.C., why not giving it a try with you iphone today!

The APP can be installed through iTunes


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Great product demo/promo video- The Oona

As a immature videographer myself, I like to collect videos that I love and learn from it.

The video perfectly showcase the product, design, quality, most importantly-  creative functionality.

It stimulates consumer’s imagination, expressing the message clearly-whatever you need it to be.