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Action Video: Google Analytics – AppSumo

I have to admit that I’m a fan of data, which I believe provide us valuable insights on how effective our current marketing strategy is,  how to improve upon under-performing initiatives, and on deciding which marketing channels we should focus on in order to maximize our resource.

And although I usually have to face obvious limitation or flaws of free tools,
I feel different about Google Analytics, not to say it is perfect–no tool is– but to really feel its power after learning more about it.

Appsumo is one of my favorite site to learn all the technology geek stuff, where constantly has e-book sale for under $10.
And one I thing I love most about Appsumo is its conversational(sometimes hilarious) copyrighting style.
I gradually feel that I’m one of the sumos, too!:)

Anyways, after watching this FREE Google Analytics video, I just have to recommend it!

First thing I would say: this is not a GA 101 video, I would say it is more intermediate but can’t be called advanced yet.
If you need the best starting point for learning GA,  I would  recommend Web Analytics 2.0 byAvinash Kaushik

One thing about leaning Analytics I would say–it is not only about what those metrics mean and how to get the data your want to know, but more importantly on how to analyze it, make sense out of it, and present it in an understandable way to the management team.
This book did a great job on explaining everything you need to know about Analytics.

So if you have a basic understanding about GA just like me, and look for knowing more on setting goals, campaign tracking, building custom reports, and funnel visualization.
You can’t miss this video!

In this video you can learn a lot of things about Google Analytics, all are actionable insights.
Here is the simplifies outline, and since I don’t know when will they charge it again, I really suggest you to access it right now.

  • Creating Your Goals
  • Creating A Funnel
  • Create Your Campaigns
  • Power Of Site Search
  • Benchmarking
  • Build Custom Reports

The only thing you need to do is to sign up and become one of the sumos, and it is also free! http://appsumo.com/googlevid/

Web Analytics

6 Websites to Track A Website’s Traffic

It’s good to know data from other similar websites for benchmarking purpose and also to get important information for finding good websites to place your ad. This article mentions some useful websites to help you better understand your competitive edge (or no edge)!

6 Websites to Track A Website’s Traffic.

When you search the web, you might find a really awesome website. Many people might judge that website depending on the number of visits that it receives on a daily/weekly/monthly basis but how do you find out information like that?

Well here are some web site traffic tracking websites that can tell you what you need to know.

Web Analytics

A really great blog about Web Analytics

I know I can never be a developer,

but that’ why we need a blog like this so that we can learn the most updated tools for minimum cost or at no expense.

http://www.automateanalytics.com/ By Mikael Thuneberg

I especially recommend you to download his new free analytics tool,

because it might be soon till he upgrades it to a product that you have to pay to get it!

AutomateAnalytics.com: New free Analytics tool available: metrics by hour…: “It’s been some time since I’ve last released anything free of charge, but now’s the time! By following this link, you can download an Excel …”