What I learned today?

Marketing Webinars Summary

One of my hobbies is to attend free webinars, for if it’s good, you got pretty condensed content from someone who has years of experience within 1 to 1.5 hrs. If it’s bad, that one hour is all you have to lose.  And it would be such a waste if I simply let those valuable content fly by me, so I decide to keep and share  some of the important lessons that I learned in these seminars here.(will be kept updating)

1. Derek from social trigger and Laura Roeder co-hosted a webinar to introduce Laura’s signature program Creating Fame.  Although the webinar was obviously promotional, Laura still provided some pretty good content, simple and to the point.

Why do you want to create fame  and make yourself and your business famous?

  • Being known and getting fame can get your business going exponentially. Fame is all-encompassing and most importantly, fame bring trust at the early stage, and trust bring you business. The best part about fame is that you don’t have to chase new clients around, clients will come to you because they feel that they’ve known you for a long time.

Steps to build fame:

  • Step One: Presence
    Building a unique presence first and make yourself stand out. Stay true and combine your personality.
  • Step Two: Content
    1. Always provide valuable content.  Remember to start by focusing be known for one thing and gradually expand it to other types of content/channels.
    2. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
  • Step Three

1. Keep nurturing your existing community  but also don’t forget to reach out to new people regularly

Here is the link that she talked about this program and more